About Us

The Bestport team has completed more than 50 investments in the UK lower mid-market. We have a strong track record in guiding investments through to successful and profitable exits.
Bestport Group Photo

We are Private Equity investors who back established, fast growing, cash generative, ambitious UK companies valued between £5m and £40m.

Bestport Private Equity is an independent and entrepreneurial provider of private equity funding to support MBOs and accelerated organic growth opportunities.

Bestport was founded in 2005 by Ole Bettum and James Stoddart to deploy their considerable experience of private equity investing through a focused entity in a segment of the private equity market that remains under-serviced and under-supplied.

Bestport has been a fantastic partner to work with. They provide great advice at Board meetings and have been actively involved in growing the business over the last three years. They have been supportive of the management team at critical points on the Dot Net journey and encouraged the business to strive for increased growth which helped us achieve a very successful exit.
Paul Cosgrave, CEO, Dot Net